RV Roof Coatings

RV Roof Coatings

Protect your RV's roof with Rhino Lining Spray-on Coatings!

Lots of RV owners are getting Rhino Linings for their roof

RV Roofs seem to be prone to damage.  That’s why lots of people are having Rhino Linings applied to their roof.  Rhino Linings is the Nation’s #1 brand of spray-on truck bed liner.  This is so popular that many new RV owners are demanding it and local RV sales companies are coming to us for the professional application.

Why Rhino Linings?

Rhino Linings on your RV Roof gives you protection from scratches, dings and even chemicals.  It’s a spray-on industrial coating that is approximately ¼ inch thick.  We match the color of the coating to your RV or other color of your choice.  This gives your RV and extra heavy-duty protection.

Why GCT Motorsports for applying the Rhino Linings?

Experience is critically important when it comes to a quality job that looks great, is long-lasting and durable.  We applied spray-on linings to 1000’s of vehicles in our 20 years of experience.  When choosing a company for this, experience really matters.  You certainly don’t want to see an imperfection every time you look at your RV, plus you want it to last a long time.

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